Play Unblocked - An Online Absorption Game

Welcome to GamesCue! Are you ready to delve into the captivating world of In this online absorption game, you'll start as a modest black hole, gradually expanding your reach by consuming everything in sight. Prepare for an addictive gaming experience that challenges you to become the ultimate void in the digital universe.

How to Play offers a unique twist on the traditional .io grow game genre. Rather than solely focusing on devouring other players, your primary objective is to absorb as many objects as possible within a two-minute time frame. As you engulf various items, your hole expands, allowing you to consume even larger entities. Whether it's plants, people, or entire buildings, nothing is safe from your insatiable appetite.

Game Modes

Explore two exhilarating game modes in The default mode is timed, where the hole with the highest score at the end emerges victorious. Alternatively, test your skills in battle royale mode, where the competition continues until you're the last hole standing amidst the chaos.


Immerse yourself in a diverse array of environments with's selection of maps. From post-apocalyptic wastelands to bustling cities and serene farms, each setting offers a unique backdrop for your voracious exploits. Simply choose your preferred map from the menu and embark on your journey of destruction. Tips

To dominate the competition, it's essential to employ strategic tactics:

  • Start Small: Begin by consuming smaller objects like plants and people to accelerate your growth.
  • Focus on Buildings: On maps abundant with structures, prioritize devouring buildings to rapidly increase your size.
  • Strategic Confrontations: Engage with other players strategically, opting to consume them only when advantageous or when there's little else left to devour.

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Features of

Dive into the immersive world of and discover a plethora of exciting features:

  • Competitive Gameplay: Engage in thrilling matches to assert your dominance as the ultimate black hole.
  • Diverse Maps: Explore a variety of meticulously crafted maps spanning different locales and time periods.
  • Unprecedented Growth: Witness your hole expand exponentially as you devour entire villages, cities, and more.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Choose between timed matches and battle royale showdowns for varied gameplay experiences.

Release Date and Developer

Originally launched on mobile platforms in June 2018, has since captivated audiences with its addictive gameplay. Developed by the renowned studio Voodoo, this title joins the ranks of other acclaimed .io games like

Platforms and Controls

Embark on your journey to domination across various platforms:

  • Web Browser: Dive into the action directly from your web browser.
  • Android: Experience the thrill of absorption on your Android device.
  • iOS: Consume everything in your path on iOS devices with ease.

Control your black hole's movements effortlessly using your mouse, allowing for seamless navigation and maximum efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you play online? Yes, is accessible both through web browsers and mobile devices.

Are players real or bots? Other players in are simulated bots.

How do you play Simply visit on and utilize your mouse to control the black hole.

What is the maximum size of the Hole in The maximum size of a hole in is equivalent to the size of the map.

Prepare to embark on an epic journey of consumption and conquest with Whether you're a seasoned .io gamer or a newcomer to the genre, this absorbing adventure promises endless entertainment. Join the fray on and assert your dominance in the digital realm!